Saving Money When Shopping for Kids Who Like Video Games
If you’ve been shopping for video games for your child or teen lately, you already know they’re expensive. You can easily spend several hundred dollars on a gaming system, games, and all the equipment that goes with it - and within a week yo...
Dr. Seuss Books Your Young Children Will Love to Read
Do you remember the magic of Dr. Seuss books from when you were a child?  The joy that came with every reading of 'Hop on Pop' or 'Green Eggs and Ham?'  These books are still among the most popular choices for young children today, and with...
How to Prepare Your Baby to Start Learning to Read
Many parents are looking for a way to make learning to read easy and fun for their children.  Here are a number of different ideas to help you establish interest in reading in your child and nurture their future literary development. Key factors...
Why the iPod Rules Over the MP3 Player World
The world of entertainment is shifting fully into the digital age.  Although the forecasted Solid State Technology (SST) is still a little way off, digital MP3 files are now the way to listen to music or watch movies, and the iPod and iTune...
MP3 Players Continue to Gain Popularity
MP3 players have changed the way that we listen to music.  When you look back at the bulky music players of the past, from the phonograph to the CD player, it's not hard to see why MP3 players have such immense popularity.  Though we could ...
5 Reasons Why You Should Read the Works of Fantasy Author Amanda Hocking
If you walk into a Borders or a Barnes and Noble bookstore today, you will immediately be assaulted with a menagerie of today’s Bestsellers, and they will almost definitely be in hardback and more then likely priced around $20-30.  Now if you ...
The Top 5 Most Famous Recording Studios in the U.S.
From big names to big one-hit wonders, recording studios throughout the United States are known for the artists they have played host to throughout their histories.  What you may not realize is that some of these locations have become famous bec...
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