How to Update Your Man’s Wardrobe
Are you tired of your man picking you up for a date wearing 90s board shorts and a torn acid-green checkered button up? Or worse, when he goes "Jersey Shore" and dresses like a peacock sporting gaudy graphic tees matched with ripped - and ripped some...
What Your Jeans Say About You and Your Individual Style
Many people think that jeans are all the same, and that as long as you are able to find a pair at the jeans store that you like, it doesn’t matter the type of jeans you have.  While comfort is important, the style of jeans that you are wearing...
How to Find Stylish Clothing Bargains at Thrift Stores
It is important to save money in such an unstable economy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on buying new clothing completely.  Rather than head to the mall and pay outrageous prices for the clothing that you want, you can always...
How to Organize a Clothes Swapping Party for Your Friends
If you have tons of clothes but still find that you don’t have anything that you want to wear, you might be tempted to go shopping.  However, this can cause you to spend far more money at the clothes store than your budget allows and wind up w...
Shopping Guide for Men How to Save Money By Shopping Alone
While studies have shown that women spend the same amount in clothing stores whether or not they are with friends, the same does not seem to be true for men.  In general, people are social animals who, consciously or not, care what others think ...
The Best Designer Shoes for Sharp Dressed Men
Are you looking to help the man in your life find the perfect pair of designer dress shoes?  Are you wondering which styles and brands are most popular?  No need to spend hours in the shoe store or department store looking through hundreds ...
10 Fashion Rules You Don’t Need to Follow
Ah, the rules of fashion. Don't wear white after Labor Day. Don't mix and match prints. Your shoe color should always match your purse, or your belt. These fashion clothing rules have been around for decades, but how many of them ring true today? And...
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