Your Diet and Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a scalp condition that leads to dry, flaky skin.  By changing your diet, you can eliminate or dramatically reduce the symptoms of this condition. Olive Oil Olive oil can prevent dandruff buildup from forming, which essenti...
Makeup Tips to Keep You Looking Great
Good makeup tips can help you look great throughout the day. The following makeup advice provides a good "foundation" for beauty basics.Apply Moisturizer FirstYour skin needs to have plenty of moisture before you begin to apply makeup.  Moisturi...
Five Quick and Easy Makeup Secrets
Makeup secrets allow you to apply your cosmetic products more efficiently and with better results.  Here are five quick and easy makeup secrets. Cream Eye ShadowUsing a cream-based product allows you to apply eye shadow much faster than traditio...
How to Beautify Your Feet for Summer
Let’s face it, our feet take a lot of damage and abuse. Stuffing them into shoes every day and walking around barefoot on weekends is just asking for disaster. While we certainly work to keep them clean and healthy, we often spend little time ...
Beauty Secrets Especially for Teens
Appearance is an important part of every teen's life. Today, we will examine integral beauty secrets that every teenager should practice and follow.Teens are certainly prone to specific skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and overall...
Benefits of a Detox Diet
A detox diet can eradicate bad toxins that are within your body.  There are numerous toxins that should be removed, such as food additives, chemicals, lead, pesticides, synthetic hormones, and byproducts.  If you allow these items to remain in your...
The Ugly Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal
In the 90s there was electrolysis.  Today, your favorite Desperate Housewife is using laser hair removal. Although it’s a costly procedure, about $100 each visit, its benefits include permanent hair removal and smoother skin.  It may be e...
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