The Best Designer Shoes for Sharp Dressed Men
Are you looking to help the man in your life find the perfect pair of designer dress shoes?  Are you wondering which styles and brands are most popular?  No need to spend hours in the shoe store or department store looking through hundreds ...
10 Fashion Rules You Don’t Need to Follow
Ah, the rules of fashion. Don't wear white after Labor Day. Don't mix and match prints. Your shoe color should always match your purse, or your belt. These fashion clothing rules have been around for decades, but how many of them ring true today? And...
How to Pick Business Clothes That Work For You
No matter what your chosen field is, there are always work clothes that are more appropriate for your job than others. When shopping for new work clothing at your local clothes store, keep in mind these tips if you want to be a hit rather than a miss...
How to Decide Whether or Not to Buy That Expensive Watch
An expensive watch can say so much about the person wearing it.  The watch might tell others that you are successful, stylish, and that you have good taste.  For this reason, many people long to buy an expensive watch to add to their jewelr...
Pros and Cons of Buying Leather Jackets
Many people consider buying a leather jacket to be an investment, especially since leather jackets can quite literally last you a lifetime if you pick the right one.  There are several reasons to consider buying a new leather jacket, but you mig...
Waterproof Fashion to Keep You Dry and Stylish
Are you tired of wearing plain rubber boots and raincoats whenever the weather is bad?  Most waterproof items are incredibly unattractive and often are designed in a one size fits all kind of style.  This is certainly not a great way to sui...
How to Choose Glasses That Suit Your Face Shape
Do you wear eye glasses and find that the pair you currently have just doesn’t suit you?  Perhaps you are looking for glasses that are better suited for your eyes or for the shape of your face?  Whatever you are seeking when you head down...
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