Why you must play a musical instrument?

You often find yourself wearing your earphones and zoning out of the daily chaos. Music has always been a big part of our lives and has been one of the best mediums used to express and communicate.

Many of us are passively involved with music, which means that we bob our head to chartbusters sung by our favorite artists and bands, but it ends there. Creating music and playing a musical instrument is an altogether different surreal experience that not many of us are acquainted with.

On every May 22nd, we celebrate “Buy a Musical Instrument Day.” Although no one knows where this day truly originated from, it has been celebrated since ages. Read on to find 7 benefits of learning and playing a musical instrument.

It’s a great stress buster
In the fast-paced life that most of us are living today, it does not take much to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and feel the urge to escape. This is when playing music comes into the picture. By picking up a musical instrument, you can channelize all your bottled-up emotions and constructively pour them out in form of music. After all, don’t they say that music is one of the best forms of self-expression?

Builds patience
You might have noticed that day-by-day, we are losing our last bit of patience and are turning overhasty with the passing time. Our threshold for patience has become so low that you will often catch yourself getting irritated because you are just made to wait for few seconds as a video buffer.
How do you make it right and work on your patience level? The best thing to do is to pick up a new instrument and learn it. For some instruments like violin, it will take you weeks and endless practice hours to simply hold the instrument the right way. As days turn into months, you will be surprised to see how patient and cool-headed you learn to be.

Helps you focus
For those who constantly complain of finding it difficult to concentrate on the work in hand without getting distracted, playing a musical instrument will teach you how to do so. While playing any musical instrument, you are required to pay attention to aspects such as pitch, rhythm, tempo, note, and harmony. For this, you need to give nothing but your complete undivided attention.

Improves memory and motor skill
Learning a musical instrument helps develop motor and visual skills owing to the need to position your instrument a certain way and to remember how to read music. This can help you deal with daily tasks in a more organized manner. Hence, playing a new instrument can help boost your memory.

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Helps sharpen listening skills
Whether it is tuning your instrument or trying to match the note that your mentor is showing you, learning a musical instrument demands you to listen meticulously. You will also notice that once you start learning a musical instrument, you will appreciate your favorite songs better. This is because now you can point out at the chord structure, pitch, scales and other technicalities that you wouldn’t have otherwise had a knack for.

Enhances your respiratory skills
You will notice your music teacher telling you to use more air while playing instruments, especially wind instruments. This is because to make amazing music, you need to learn how to expel air the right way. Musicians, therefore, take their breathing exercises seriously, and by doing so, they can improve their respiratory skills.

Compose your own music
Joining a class for learning a new musical instrument is also a great way of learning to make music not only on your own but with those around you. In these classes, you will meet people from different backgrounds who share the same passion for music as you do, and you will often find yourself enjoying their company. You also learn great team skills as you get to be a part of various bands and get to create original music.

So, mark the 22nd of May in your calendar and buy the musical instrument that you always wanted to.

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