Beat the Pump Simple Tips to Save on Rising Gas Costs

Current gas prices have forced people to adjust their budgets.  According to estimates made by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average American drives about 11,806 miles a year.  This equals approximately $2,080 spent on gas at gas stations per year.  To save on gas money, it is important to follow a few tips.


With the current economy, many of us cannot afford to purchase new cars.  However, there are a number of vehicles that can be bought used that are far more fuel efficient than our current cars.  Some highly fuel efficient vehicles include the Toyota Prius, the Honda CR-Z, and the Mini Cooper.  Driving a vehicle that is more energy efficient and does not require premium fuel can save average drivers over $1,000 a year.


Slowing down your highway speed is another way to save on gas costs.  Decreasing your speed by five to 10 miles per hour can save significantly.  Stopping other fuel-inefficient habits can also greatly lower gas costs.  This includes quickly accelerating after the light turns green.  Doing this burns up to 39 percent more fuel, as you are using your engine to give your car a big ‘push’ to get it going rather than a smaller ‘push’ that will then let inertia take over and get the car moving for you.


Idling is a big gas waster that is actually illegal in some states, including Vermont and Hawaii.  Turn your vehicle off while in a parking spot or while waiting for someone to conserve your gas.  Another good tip is to de-clutter your car.  If you have heavy items which you routinely leave in your car or truck even when you’re not using them, such as a tool chest, this will add extra dollars to your fuel bills each year.


Gas prices are only expected to rise.  While consumers cannot control the price of gas, they can change the fuel efficiency measures that they take.  Short-term goals will include changing your driving habits.  Long-terms goals might include purchasing a more fuel efficient vehicle.

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