Biggest Financial News Headlines for the Year 2010

One of the biggest financial news headlines of 2010 was that the recession had come to an end in the United States. Economists were careful to note that the official end of a recession occurs when things stop getting worse – it doesn’t indicate that things are actually improving. This was one of those financial news headlines that brought some hope to investors, even though the unemployment rate remained above average.

Another of the biggest U.S. financial news headlines for the year had to do with mortgage rates. In September 2010, the average rate for a 30 year fixed-rate mortgage hit 4.32 percent. This new historic low was the lowest rate since 1971, the year that mortgage rates began to be measured for the first time. Financial news headlines like this are supposed to help generate a wave of new buyers in a market that is saturated with homes for sale, though most buyers who qualified for a mortgage or refinance had already taken advantage of rates and tax credits in 2009. One of the side financial news headlines was that new home construction jumped more than 10 percent in August 2010.

One of the world’s biggest financial news headlines for 2010 was the Greek debt crisis. Financial news headlines like this are important to the world, because the Greek debt crisis is tied to the entire EU and affects the entire European economy. The value of the euro declined as soon as the bailout package for Greece was announced. Big financial news headlines such as this one have an effect on the entire stock market.

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