Boost Your Money Earning Power and Financial Success by Marketing Yourself

Once you determine the way in which you’re going to earn some extra money working from home, it’s important to take your new ‘job’ seriously in order to find financial success.  If you’ve decided that the key to your success is by making money from a well-loved hobby, it’s important to market yourself well in order to increase your chances of success. There are a variety of avenues that can be useful when it comes to drawing attention to your new venture.

If you are going to try to make money with your passion for writing, a blog is a great start. Simply starting a blog won’t help you make much money towards your goal of financial success; you’ll also have to market and publicize your blog to attract followers. You’ll also have to commit to a regular writing schedule, so you make sure you build your blog on a daily or weekly basis, and visitors will return hungry for new information ready for your next post. From search engine optimization to email marketing, you can market yourself and your blog in a variety of ways.


Social networking sites offer a wealth of free advertising opportunities. If you’ve decided photography is your key to bringing in extra money, it’s a good idea to advertise to friends and colleagues on one of these sites. Make an online show-reel of your work on Facebook or MySpace, and invite your friends to view it. Or try posting one picture each day on your Facebook wall. By drawing attention to your business early, you increase your chances of success when it comes to making money.

Social network and hobby forums can also be a great place to market yourself. By signing on as an Expert, help other people to answer their questions in areas you are knowledgeable about, and you will become a valuable and trusted ‘expert’ who forum visitors will want to learn more about… and hopefully buy from. So if you are selling flower arrangements from home, go on gardening forums and get to know people. Answer their questions and get your name known. You never know the connections you may make or where answering a stranger’s question may take you.

Showing of your talents and turning a hobby into extra money can be much easier when you use the right tools to help you in your quest.  Marketing yourself online or through other means can help you find the success you’re after with your new business. 

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