Can You Trust Financial Advice Given On Radio Talk Shows?

Turn on any radio station today, and its likely that you’ll hear a wealth of advice from ‘experts’ on many different radio talk shows, including financial advice. Whether or not you should rely on the financial advice you hear on the radio can depend on a variety of different factors.


One of the most important factors affecting whether the financial advice on the radio is reliable is the credibility of the person giving the advice. It is not uncommon today for many well known financial analysts and experts to have their own financial advice talk shows on the radio. In this case, the financial advice provided might well be credible, but that is not all that should be considered.


Everyone has a different situation and different finances. Your particular situation can significantly impact whether or not the financial advice you hear on the radio can be credibly applied to your situation. Simply because the financial advice provided to one caller on a radio show may be a good idea does not mean that it is the best idea for you to pursue. Even if you are the one who has called in to ask for financial advice, it is still important to get a second opinion on any advice given. This is because the amount of time available for calls is often limited and the show host may not have time to give you all the details regarding your full situation.


Overall, the financial advice you hear on the radio can be trustworthy, but for your own security and safety it’s important to seek the advice of a recognized expert on your own time, who can can fully evaluate your situation.

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