Dent Your Debt With These 3 Money Saving Tips

Finding practical ways to improve your financial picture is an important part of achieving success. There are many tips that can improve the money skills of just about anyone out there and help them achieve financial success.

One truly practical way to improve your money skills and create a better financial future is by taking your lunch to work.  Packing a lunch is a simple and realistic way to make a start at tackling your financial situation.  It is estimated that the average person can save over a thousand dollars a year by bringing a frozen meal, a sandwich or even leftovers to work each day.

Another great way to improve your financial situation is by making your credit cards inaccessible for impulse buys.The best tip we’ve heard is to put your credit card in a Tupperware container full of water, stick it in the freezer, and freeze it. The bigger the Tupperware container, the better. When you’re confronted with that large block of ice, you may think twice about smashing it to get to the card. It’s a psychological trick, but it works!


Also, you can avoid credit card interest for emergencies by creating an emergency fund. Most banks will let you add several savings accounts to your main checking account, which you can access online.  The best savings plans are ones that work automatically, taking $50, $100 or more out of your account each month automatically. You won’t miss it, but if you have the willpower to leave the savings account undisturbed all year, you’ll find that soon you have quite a large chunk of cash in there.

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