Four Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make at Your Job Interview

Interviewing for a new job can be tremendously exciting.  It can also be stressful. Today, let’s look at four mistakes you do not want to make at your job interview.

Being Unprepared
When you walk into a job interview, everything you say and do is being noticed.  Walking into an interview unprepared is one of the worst decisions you can make. You should know about the company and the position on offer, and you should be ready to answer questions about your skills and job history.

Asking About Money
A job interview is the employer’s chance to determine your skills and qualifications.  This is not the time to ask how much money you are going to make or how many vacation days you will receive.  Keep the conversation focused on your skills and experience and work to sell yourself to the employer.

Don’t Be Negative
While it can be tempting to badmouth your old boss or the coworkers who never did anything right, avoid the urge during your job interview.  Remember that your prospective boss is judging your attitude and business approach.  Be positive, and mention your attributes in a way that doesn’t put anyone down.

Be Honest
The urge to embellish your achievements and accomplishments may be strong, but resist it at all costs during your job interview.  Remember that embellishments and lies are likely to be discovered.  Keep the job interview honest and you will greatly improve your chances of being hired.

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