Great Advice for Marketing Real Estate in Today’s Tough Market

Learning how to successfully market real estate can take years.  There are, however, some basics to marketing real estate that you can learn rather quickly, and that you can count on to make sure that the real estate you have to offer is tempting and that it gets put in front of the right people.

Have Goals

One of the biggest weaknesses in most real estate marketing programs is that the person who devises the program doesn’t set any concrete goals.  You need to know what you can reasonably expect from your efforts and you should know the purpose of each of the different marketing measures you take.


For example, you may set a goal of having 15 people come to a showing on a given day.  This gives you a specific goal that you can work toward.

Make Intelligent Plans

Put thought into the marketing campaign.  Think about how each of the individual steps you take will work to make your real estate more attractive to the people who come to see it and more visible to those who need to.

Know Your Market

If you have a $100,000 house and you are marketing it in the real estate section of a very upscale property magazine, you’re not likely to attract many buyers.  You should understand who is likely to want your home and you’ll have to make sure that you reach them.  Take some time to build an understanding of whom your target market is made up of.

Niche Marketing

Within your market, there are probably a few niche real estate markets that you can develop.  This would mean, for example, that a home with a lot of acreage would likely appeal to people who own dogs, people who like an outdoorsy lifestyle and people who want privacy.  You can conceive of marketing programs to reach out to each individual niche, or market segments as they are sometimes called.

Be Different

You’ll want to make sure that there is something different about your marketing campaign.  It may be a price point or it may be something extra that you do that your competition isn’t willing to do.

Make it Easy

When people come to see your home, make sure you emphasize the qualities of the purchase that will make it easier for them to buy your real estate as opposed to buying real estate from someone else.  Working with a good realtor can help you to do this.  If you are a realtor, working with title companies and other service companies can help you to make purchasing real estate an easy proposition for your clients.


Make sure you set a time frame for your real estate sale.  For example, set a deadline to have a certain amount of foot traffic through the home so that you don’t lose sight of making that goal.  Hopefully, you will manage to sell the real estate before you even reach the goal, but having deadlines can help keep you motivated and provide some attainable benchmarks of success for your real estate marketing program.

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