How Social Bookmarking Can Make You Money Today

Social bookmarking has been around for many years now, but very few Internet users, businesses or website owners understand the financial returns that can come from using social bookmarking.


So what is social bookmarking all about? In a nutshell, it’s a method of creating an online bookmark that is visible to the public or only to private groups. You use keywords to tag your bookmarks. This allows others to access social bookmarking websites and search them using certain keywords. Visitors may also search your bookmarks by rank or name.


To put it another way, social bookmarking basically allows new connections to be made among parties interested in the same topics and resources.  In addition, some social bookmarking sites will share some of their profits with you in exchange for gathering traffic to their bookmarking website. It’s basically a win-win for everyone involved.


With some of the social bookmarking sites, you can display your Google AdSense advertisements along with your message or article on the site. You may receive all of your AdSense revenue or you may only get a portion of the proceeds, depending upon the particular rules of the social bookmarking site, and how popular it is affects your earnings.


For example, there are some social networking sites that specifically rate Blogs, online services or company websites, so each site has its own particular focus and revenue sharing plan.


You can really cash in and start a new revenue stream for yourself by thoughtfully using social bookmarking. Based upon the number of views of your bookmarks, you’ll get a certain amount of revenue from the page’s ads. You simply need to get comfortable with the one that fits your particular online style, and then get busy bookmarking and making money through your AdSense account. You just need to add websites, pictures, or videos and you’re on your way to making revenue.  It’s easy!

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