How to Choose the Best Student Checking Account

For the college student, finding the best checking account is essential.  Checking accounts can vary from good to horrible – large maintenance fees, minimum balance requirements and other elements can make some of these options very bad choices for students. 


Here are five of the best options out there for college students today.


Bank of America

Bank of America offers student online banking, with no minimum balance required.  In addition, you will receive a debit card (with fraud protection) and even mobile banking services via cell phone.  A savings account can also be attached.



Chase offers the student a free checking account for up to two years, which includes free online banking and online bill pay features.  There is also mobile banking offered, as well as account alerts by phone and email.


Wells Fargo

For the student, Wells Fargo offers the “College Combo,” which includes a college-specific checking account, as well as free services bundled together, such as online bill pay and mobile banking.


M&T Bank

M&T Bank offers college students free checking with no minimum balance or service fees, mobile banking, online bill pay and even free incoming wire transfers.


These are only some of the better options available for a college student who needs a checking account.  While there are others, these stand out as some of the best.

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