How to Determine if a Diamond is Real

You might be buying a diamond for that special someone, or you might be evaluating a piece of jewelry that you inherited.  Regardless, it is important that you know how to make sure that the diamond in question is the real thing.  There are a few tools to tell if the diamond is real or a fake.


Diamond Certificates


If possible, the best way is to buy a diamond or diamond ring with a certificate from the GIA or the AGSL.  The LGP and the PGGL are also good organizations for proof that a diamond is real.


Looking Through the Diamond


Diamonds bend light differently to other substances, so you can turn the diamond upside down and place it over a section of newsprint.  If you can even see the lettering through the diamond, then chances are good that it is not real.  If the diamond is mounted in a setting, look through the top.  If you can see the mounting through the diamond, then it is probably not real.


Take to a Reputable Jeweler


Of course, the best way to determine if your diamond is the real deal is to take it to a reputable jeweler.  While there are several “at home” tests you can conduct on your own, it’s always best to seek the advice of a professional in these instances.  A certified jeweler or gemologist will be able to help you determine just how authentic that diamond is, though it might cost you a little bit extra to have the testing performed.

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