How to File a Dispute With Rental Property Management

Even though you might love the place you live, when you are living in a rental property, there is always the chance that some type of dispute will arise between you and the property management. 


These problems can stem from many different things.  You might have a problem with the lease, or there might be a repair that needs to be fixed inside your home.  It might be something else outside the property, such as slippery walkways.  There are literally thousands of little things that can crop up and cause problems.


The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have a level head and remain calm and orderly.  The last thing the rental property management company needs is a screaming angry tenant.  That behavior will not help further your cause and may upset other residents, giving you a bad reputation as a bad tenant. 


You also need to check the lease that you have, as well as any other paperwork, which lets you know what the duties and responsibilities of the management are.


If you find that the problem you have is something that they are supposed to solve, and you’ve already spoken to the property manager to no avail, you can now contact the rental property management company.  You may contact them by phone or letter.  Doing both is a good option so that they have a written record of your complaint.  Give them some time to take care of the problem and follow up if they don’t respond within a few days.  If they still do nothing, you may want to seek legal counsel via an attorney or lawyer.


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