How to Get an Easy Upgrade to Your Hotel Room

Getting a hotel room upgrade is easier than you might think, and you don’t have to be a celebrity or a temperamental customer to get a better room.

If you travel often, try to stay at the same hotel or hotel chain.  See if they have any type of loyalty program for those guests who frequent their hotel.  Hotel loyalty programs are generally free, and you will be able to get some extra rewards, in addition to a possible room upgrade.

Another good tip is to contact the hotel before you arrive, and let them know that you’re renting the room for a special occasion (such as a birthday or anniversary), which can often help you secure a free or reduced upgrade.

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Being courteous can go a long way.  When you phone or speak with the hotel staff, make sure that you are pleasant and greet them warmly.  They will most likely return your friendly attitude, and you will notice that they are more likely to help with a possible upgrade when you ask.  Don’t be a demanding guest, and don’t use every amenity available, just because you can.

Finally, if you find that there is something wrong with the room that you are in (it’s dirty, it’s not smoke-free as claimed, etc) let the staff know.  Again, you will want to be courteous to those who are working in the hotel.  Things are not always their fault, and it is easy to remedy most problems.  Simply let the staff know that you are unsatisfied and ask if they might be able to put you in another room.  To keep you happy, they will often do what they can to fix the problem.  If they don’t offer you an upgrade at this point, it can never hurt to ask!

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