How to Get Started in a Career as an Interior Design Specialist

If you have been looking to make a career change and have a good eye for what makes a space attractive, interior design may be the perfect career choice for you.  Interior designers can make a great deal of money if they build a great reputation and excel at what they do.  Here, we will look at what you need to do to get started with a career in interior design.


One thing you need to do from the start is create a business model.  Determine what your business name will be, project how much money you need to get started, and estimate what you will charge and intend to make. 


Be certain to keep things reasonable.  Once you have a solid business strategy in place, you can start talking to family members or banks about securing the funds you need to get started.  While you can charge a percentage of your costs up front, most clients are likely to want to pay when the service has been provided.


With capital in place, it is time to start advertising.  Put up flyers, create a website, and start spreading word of mouth.  Once you start designing spaces and doing a good job, word of mouth can also provide you with a great deal of business. 


Interior design is a lucrative career opportunity, and doing all you can to get started on the right foot can make a major difference.  Becoming successful can be as simple as following these simple steps and tips. 

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