How To Make Money Out of Thin Air Using Craigslist

Times are tough and it’s hard to make cash these days.  If you are in a rut, a good way to get some fast income is by using Craigslist.  With so many items and services being sold, it’s hard to get noticed on Craigslist.  Use these tips to make some extra cash on Craigslist.

Tip 1: Never Throw Away What You Can Sell

Sell useless items as cheaply as you can.  Rather than throwing away that old chair or couch, take a quick picture and upload it onto Craigslist.  If you’ve never used the site before, it’s very easy to understand.  Just go to the site and click on ‘Post to Classifieds” on the top of the page, then follow the steps.

You’ll be surprised how many hits you get for an under priced item.  If other similar couches are selling for $50, post yours for $40.  Even if you don’t think your item can sell, post it on Craigslist anyways.  If you are just going to throw it away, you might as well get a few bucks for it.

Tip 2: Sell Your Services

This is a good way to make some cash in your community.  Even if you don’t have any specialty skills, you can offer to babysit, dog sit, or house sit.  My friend once made $1,000 to feed two dogs for a month while a family went on vacation.  You may not get this lucky (and it usually helps being a pretty girl), but there will be some great part time gigs like this.

Other sell-able skills include giving massages, playing instruments at events, being an entertainer (magician, clown, comedian), tutoring, or building something.

Be careful when selling services; there are a lot of creepy people out there.  Make sure you tell someone where you’re going and make sure the place you perform the service is in public!  I haven’t personally heard of anything going wrong, but in this day and age you need to exercise a little common sense.

Tip 3: Buy Low, Resell High!

Reselling items.  Craigslist has a wide array of free items available daily.  All you usually need is a truck and quick timing.  If you find yourself out of work, try skimming the free pages for items and picking them up as soon as possible.  So many people just want to get rid of stuff quickly without tossing it away or struggling to drive it to a Goodwill store, that they will put valuable things for free on Craigslist. 


Some free items I’ve seen posted on Craigslist are TV’s, couches, furniture, computers, even pedigree pets.  To resell items on Craigslist, go pick up the item, take good pictures, write good descriptions and post them up.

Tip 4: Get a Job on Craigslist

Well, this technically isn’t a Craigslist Cash tip, but is a good way to make money in the long run.  The majority of companies are turning to Craigslist to post jobs due to its overwhelming popularity.  I’ve gotten at least three paying jobs from Craigslist.  However, the downfall is that there is so much competition that you really need to stand out.  I find that the faster you send an email to a company once they post a job opening on Craigslist, the most likely you are to get a call.

Usually, people that post for jobs will call the first couple of responses, but once they see their inboxes filled with 300 applicants, they start to filter for that position.

Tip 5: Use Craigslist to Promote Your Own Company

Promote your company.  The best way to make money on Craigslist is to promote your own company or specific skill and charge a decent price for it.  Are you a computer technician that can travel?  Do you sell specialty items that are very hard to come by?  Specific or rare items and non run-of-the-mill services will get you more money than trying to grab gigs or sell items that Craigslist is already flooded with.  All you need is a computer, the internet, and the ability to market yourself, and Craigslist can be a great marketing tool.


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