How to Plan a Budget Honeymoon For Less Than $100

A wedding is a joyous occasion, and the honeymoon is a special part of a new wedding. However, the whole process can be extremely expensive. If you cannot get over the sticker shock in order to have fun planning the occasion, you will be glad to know that there are ways to save money. You can plan a honeymoon for less than $100 that will still be fun and exciting.

One thing that you can do is plan to go on your honeymoon during weekdays only. Generally, accommodations are most expensive on the weekends. If you plan a trip that lasts two or three days during the week, your accommodation will be much more affordable.


Also consider planning your honeymoon during the off-season like late fall and early winter, when accommodations are most affordable.

Consider planning a driving trip getaway for your honeymoon. You can pick a location within an hour or so from your home, and then drive to your destination since flights are very expensive right now. You can still enjoy a great honeymoon even if you just enjoy a day or two at a fun hotel in a neighboring town.

Make use of a honeymoon registry, which will allow your friends and family to donate to your honeymoon, and you will not have to spend as much of your money. These registries can be set up with a travel agent, which means you can enjoy a more extravagant honeymoon without spending more than $100 of your own money.

A new marriage is a special thing, and the honeymoon should be enjoyed. With a few tips, you can plan a honeymoon that will not cost more than your budget.

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