How to Plan Your Military Retirement

Like all careers, retiring from the military requires careful planning that can take many years.  This honorable profession attracts many service members who choose to make this their lifelong pursuit.  The transition from military life to retirement can be difficult, which is why careful planning is needed for success.

Attend All Benefits Meetings


The first thing to understand about planning a military retirement is that there are many briefings and meetings concerning the retirement benefits that you’ll want to attend.  Gathering as much information as is available will aid in planning your military retirement. 


Find Out Whether Part Time Work Will Reduce Your Payments


It’s also crucial to understand your retirement pay and any restrictions that come along with it.  Often, the military may limit any work you may choose to do after you retire or your benefits may be reduced accordingly.

Read Your Medical Insurance Policy


The next thing to understand in planning a military retirement means medical benefits.  Health care is important even after retirement, so it’s important to access the policy regarding medical insurance and care in the military during and after retirement, in order to accurately plan. 

Look Into All Other Benefits


Spousal and dependent benefits should also be looked into as part of the planning process, as the military typically provides for the entire family.  There are also other benefits provided in cases of a military retirement.  Things like discounted access to base golf courses and movie theaters can certainly add to the enjoyment of one’s retirement, particularly if you have grandchildren to go with.


The most important thing to remember when planning a military retirement is to start planning early.  Financial, medical, and spousal considerations must be made to ensure your military retirement is a successful and enjoyable one.

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