How to Raise Money For Charity With a Fundraising Bake Sale

Are you looking to earn extra money for a youth group, charity, church or sports team?  A bake sale can be a fantastic fundraising event to have fun and raise enough money.  Everyone loves delicious snacks and treats, and bake sales allow you to sell small and inexpensive items, which is a big plus in today’s economy. 


While many people can’t afford big ticket items, almost anyone can purchase a cookie or brownie, especially when the proceeds go to a good cause.

If you are hoping to make money with a bake sale, you will want to start by planning.  Determine when and where you will have the event, decide who will prepare what foods, and set realistic prices.  Hit the craft store and create as many flyers and promotional posters as possible, and consider putting up advertisements on message boards both online and throughout the community.  The more people are aware of your sale, the more money you can make.

When setting up your bake sale, remember that appearance is everything.  If you have an eye-catching design and delicious looking treats, you will find that you are able to make more money.  You will have more customers if people are made to feel relaxed and encouraged to have fun.  Consider offering raffle tickets for a large cake or other big ticket item, and offer free punch or lemonade to get people wanting to eat more. 

With the right setup, your fundraising bake sale can help your group or charity earn some extra cash in a very short period of time.

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