How to Read the Stock Market Page
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Finding the right investment options for your needs will certainly require a little knowledge and research on your part.  Perhaps the best thing that you can do is learn how to read the stock market page.  This can help you judge which stock options are right for your needs and which should be avoided. 

First, you need to learn the different symbols for the stock options that you want to watch.  If you do not know what symbol represents which company, you can easily find out online.  You’ll rarely find the company name listed in the newspaper stock page.

Next, you should locate the symbol of the company that you want to track on the page (or through the website if you are using an online stock and finance resource).  Once you locate the symbol, you will see yesterday’s trading information.  Here, the plus (+) symbol means that the stock rose in value.  If there is a minus (-) symbol, then the stock lost value the previous day.

Each gain or loss is on a single share.  This means that if you own a share of stock in a company, and you notice that it has a +20 next to the stock, then the share rose by 20 cents the previous day.  Alternatively, if that were a -20, then you would know that the stock lost twenty cents per share the previous day.

You should also pay attention to the stock percentage on the page.  This shows how much the stock changed that day. With a little insider knowledge, it’s easy to track your investments through the newspaper stock market pages, without ever going online.

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