How to Start a Craft Supply Business From Home

A new business venture can be an exciting way to boost your income and take control of your finances.  For those with an interest in crafts, starting a craft supply company can be an ideal choice. 


Choose a Name


The first step in moving forward with your company is to select a name.  The name will allow you to get a business license and purchase a domain name for your website.


Build a website


If you have decided to start your craft supply business as an Internet company, the website development will be an important part of starting your business.  Even for stores with a physical storefront, a website is a great way to boost sales, so the website should be a part of your business plan.  Go to to purchase your domain name.  You can build a free website yourself using WordPress, or pay a web design company to build you one.  The website will also need product images and product descriptions, as well as web content to attract customers.


Find a Storefront


For a craft supply business with a storefront, you’ll need to find a location for your store and sign the lease.  Once you have found the location for your business, you can design the company logo, which will go on the sign.  If you’re not a designer yourself, put an ad on eLance or oDesk and you will be able to choose a designer who you can afford.  Fixtures and fittings should be purchased next, including a cash register.  You should contact the suppliers of the craft materials you will be selling and place your first bulk order.

Hire staff


Once you have the basics for your store and your website, it’s time to start staffing your store.  A successful craft supply business will need a team of trustworthy employees that can help customers select and purchase your goods.  It’s important to select employees that will represent the image of your company and help your business grow. 

Now you’re ready to get your craft supply business started and have fun with your new business venture.

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