How You Can Make Real Money from the Virtual Game of Runescape

Runescape is an online multi-player game that has been a smash hit around the world since 2001. Players of this virtual game enjoy earning virtual gifts and prizes as they go through certain quests. With more than ten million players, Runescape has some very dedicated and loyal fans. And wherever you have passionate fans, you have money making potential.

If you have enough time and dedication, you can play Runescape and develop your skills to a superior level. There are prizes that you can earn for superior play. Just like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, supply and demand works in your favor. If you earn a Runescape prize – even though it’s virtual – some wild fans are willing to pay you actual money for that item. While it seems a bit far-fetched, it can and does happen. These prizes are like golden tickets to some players.

Runescape actively discourages players from paying real money for virtual items and virtual gold, but there isn’t much that the gaming company can do to prevent it from happening. This practice is known as real-world trading, but accounts do get suspended if players are caught engaging in the practice.

To make real money with Runescape, a player simply sets up a website that allows other players to pay for their desired items through PayPal. You would simply set up one or more Runescape accounts and start playing and developing your skills through quests. The rarer the item is that you earn, the more money you can demand.

Just don’t get too attached to Runescape, or you’ll find that you’re the one buying virtual items from other players!

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