Is Your House Cleaner Stealing From You?

In many ways, hiring a house cleaner can be an excellent option to ensure your home is always clean and neat without having to find the time to clean it yourself.  However, if you think your house cleaner may be stealing from you, then you will need to confirm your suspicions.

One of the best things you can do is have someone home when the house cleaner is working.  While this may make you feel uncomfortable, it is a good way to make sure nothing else is stolen.


If it’s impossible to have someone at home, consider hiding a small videocamera in an inconspicuous place.  These cameras are not as expensive as they used to be, and can easily be installed in places that would be most suspected for theft.  You can also opt for ‘nanny cameras’ that hide in normal items, like clocks or stuffed animals.

If you can prove your cleaning service is stealing, contact the police immediately and provide them with details to launch an investigation.  It is likely that the cleaners are stealing from other homes, as well, so don’t feel bad about doing this. 


However, if the items stolen are only minimal, or your suspicions are never confirmed, it is easier to confront the cleaner directly, or find a new cleaning service.  After all, you always want to be able to trust people who enter your home, even if you can’t confirm any wrongdoing.

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