Should You Pawn or Sell Your Gold and Jewelry?

Are you looking to make extra money but find that you aren’t sure which items in your home would be best to pawn or sell? 

One thing that you should consider taking to the pawn store is old firearms and antique bladed weapons.  There is always a market for hunting guns or collectible firearms, and many pawn shops will pay top dollar for yours.

Electronics are also a great choice.  You can make some great extra pocket-money unloading that old iPod or XBox or by deciding to take a pawn loan on your modern flat screen.  Pawn shop owners know you will come back to pay off the item and that even if you don’t, it won’t be a hard sell.

Gold is always an easy sell, especially in today’s market.  Gold is currently more than 1,300 bucks an ounce, up hundreds of percent over a decade ago, so selling your old gold jewelery is easy.

You can also pawn or sell your jewelry, especially diamond jewelry.  Selling that old wedding ring can net you big money, and if an item is sentimental, you will find that you can also pawn it.

Last, you can consider selling anything you own that is incredibly rare or unique.  Do you have a first edition book signed by Ernest Hemingway, or an old coke machine from the 1920’s?  These items can net incredible sums of money.

When you know what items to pawn or sell, earning extra money can be incredibly easy!

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