Spending Cash, Not Credit, as a Method to Meet Your Financial Goals

You may think there’s never enough cash, but is there? If every person just used cash to pay for items, there would be far less debt and excessive consumerism. Spending would be reined in.

When you grab cash out of your purse or wallet, you’re forced to think twice. It’s a sort of a spending wake-up call. If you make $10 an hour, for example, you’re forced to consider, “Do I really want to work two hours for this $20 item?” That item that seemed so important may not seem so wonderful if you really pay attention to how hard you have to work for it.

Today, spending has little to do with how much money you make or don’t make. It’s so easy to throw something on a credit card – a little too easy. A little visual reinforcement works wonders. By spending with cash, you’ll start appreciating the value of the dollar again. You’ll actually see money coming in and going out. When you’re spending with cash, you’ll know when it’s gone. With a credit card, your credit card doesn’t gradually vanish as you use up your savings, it is always there even when your bank account is empty!

It’s hard to get into trouble when using genuine dollars and cents for spending. Suddenly, eating out at a restaurant doesn’t seem as practical as eating at home. You’ll find yourself wondering what you can live without. You’ll see that you’ve been spending your money on objects and services that were never really important.

Spending money and cash shouldn’t bring you joy – but saving money should. By spending with cash, you’ll realize your savings goals before you know it.

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