The Latest Anti Counterfeit Banknotes What Went Wrong?

The new $100 bills were supposed to be unveiled to the public recently, only to be delayed due to printing problems.  These bills, offering a unique new design that many believe will help us stay ahead of counterfeiters, were supposed to enter general circulation in February of 2011. 


Thanks to problems with printing that left them with blank spots, however, it seems that this has been delayed indefinitely.  There is no doubt that the $100 bills will enter circulation eventually, but the date is now up in the air.

The new $100 bills were printed on paper by the same company that has offered our currency paper for more than a century.  This company is working with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to find the source of the error and to learn what went wrong.  Until then, all of the millions of dollars in already printed new $100 bills will be stored in bank vaults in Washington and Texas.

There is great hope that many of the $100 bills already printed will be found to be in acceptable condition and that they will be able to be used, with the remainder sorted out and shredded.  As to when the money will be put into public circulation, the answer is unclear, but many are looking forward to the new design and the new 3D strips that feature bells that turn into 100s when the bill is moved. 


The new design of these new $100 bills is interesting, and many hope it will be enough to keep counterfeiters at bay.

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