The Top Financial News Websites and What They Offer for Investors
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One of the top financial news websites is a service of CNN, Fortune, and Money. CNN not only tracks the market, but also provides news about the economy, companies, real estate, and personal finance. Its competitor,, is one of the key financial news websites because it offers a meaty summary of daily economic news.

Another of the main financial news websites,, is known for providing just the facts. You’ll find a variety of in-depth articles related to the economy. The Wall Street Journal is a bastion of financial news – its website,, is one of the leading financial news websites. The website provides quick links relating to personal finance and wealth.

Bloomberg has been providing financial news since 1981, and is one of the top financial news websites today. Its focus is on transparency of market data and personal finance information. is another one of the key financial news websites and provides both general financial news, as well as pithy advice articles.

The writers at the finance site offer detailed market data, including currency trading information for Forex investors. It remains one of the most popular financial news websites. Followers of the Motley Fool’s investment advice enjoy Financial news websites like aim to provide the reader not only with the latest stories, but also advice on the best stocks to buy.

These financial news websites all cater to different kinds of readers and investors. Some of the sites center their focus around the news and facts, while others focus more on entertaining or educating the reader.

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