Want to Keep Working After Retirement? How to Pick a Job You Love
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If you’re a retiree, there are plenty of part-time job choices available for you to choose from.  In fact, you may be in a position where you could get the best job you’ve ever had!  Because you’re likely getting retirement income in the form of a pension, you won’t have to worry too much about the pay the job offers, and you’ll be able to pick something based on what you love.


As a retiree, one option is to help other people do their jobs as a consultant.  These jobs pay very well and your experience will give you credibility.  You can work a few weeks and take a few weeks off with the level of income from such a job. 


If you want to be a teacher more directly, consider becoming a real teacher!  Colleges sometimes have adjunct professor job opportunities that are incredibly satisfying, both financially and intellectually. You may need to complete a course in computing if your computer skills are a little rusty, as computers are used in most classes now.


If you want to work helping other people, consider a job as a patient advocate.  Your know-how, calm and experience can help those in the healthcare system to have a less stressful and more compassionate experience. 


You can also put those math skills to use as a bookkeeper.  This is a job you can do from home and it pays quite well.  It’s a great job to have around tax time and, of course, being a retiree, you can always schedule a getaway for April 16! 

These part-time jobs can offer a bit of extra money and activity that can make retirement more enjoyable, and squash any boredom that may be creeping into your life.

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