What Are the Best Paid Careers for Power Moms?

As a mom, you love your family and most likely put them before any other priorities.  However, you probably have some career goals that you want to accomplish, as well.  You have quite a bit that you want to give to the world, and you will want to try to find some of the top careers to do it.  The following are a few of the best career choices for power moms.


Becoming a writer is a bit easier these days thanks to the Internet, and there are many different types of writers that a mom can become.  Between copywriting, fiction writing, nonfiction, and blogging, these are just a few of the options from which a mom can choose.  The average income for a writer today is around $53,000 per year.  Being an editor provides the same benefits.


Being an attorney has always been a powerful position.  You can focus on different types of law, and some don’t require courtroom presence.  This can provide more flexibility in the schedule so moms can spend time at home too.  Financial services, such as a CPA, are also jobs that can provide a nice income and remains flexible in terms of location and schedule.  

Teaching is also a rewarding profession.  It offers good hours and quite a lot of time for mom to be off to be with the family.  Substitute teaching is also available, where you can choose the days you work and have a flexible schedule.

For the creative mom who wants to pursue the arts, graphic design is a good option.  From designing websites to logos and everything in between, this is an excellent career choice.  It is possible to work from home, although it does require an investment in professional software and time to learn it.

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