What Are the Most In Demand Jobs For New Graduates?

For those who will be entering the job market in 2011, knowing what the hottest jobs will be is important.  Finding a high demand job is vital, and knowing what is coming will help you prepare for your entry to the job market.


Sales and Marketing


First, sales jobs will be very popular.  In fact, you will find that this sector outperforms all other job sectors.  Sales will be the single best area to enter, including retail and automotive sales.  27% of hiring managers stated that they will be hiring salespeople in 2011.


IT Specialist


Another hot job in 2011 will be that of information technology specialist.  This sector has been hot for decades and the growth will not slow down any time soon.  IT professionals can expect to find a range of excellent jobs working with companies as they gear up for online growth this year.


Customer Service


If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you might prefer a job in customer service.  Major companies all around the nation need skilled customer service help to man their call centers to keep their customers satisfied and coming back.



You can also find a good job in engineering if you have the experience and education.  This applies to all types of engineering, from electronics to research and everything in between.

Technology Worker


Of course, not everyone can become an engineer.  If this job doesn’t pan out for you, then you might consider a job as a technology worker.  These professionals build computers, lay cable and do numerous other technology related tasks.

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