What Health Insurance Plans are Available for College Students?

College students should always have some sort of health insurance. It’s just not a good idea to go to college without it. If you can’t cover your child on your own insurance plan through your employer, there are other options for health insurance for college students.

Many schools offer health insurance plans for their students. You can often pay for these plans annually, and may even be able to roll your premium into your tuition payments. This means you can pay for the plan with your student loans and grants. If a school requires its students to have insurance, it will probably provide a campus health insurance plan. This is often the cheapest option.

Another affordable option for health insurance is to go through the state. Many states offer special subsidized insurance plans for low income individuals. The main limit is income, so if students make under a certain dollar amount each year, they can get this type of health insurance.

You may try obtaining health insurance through an independent insurance provider, as well. Individual health insurance can be really expensive, though. The best way to keep your costs down is to use a catastrophic coverage plan. This will basically cover only major medical emergencies and necessary surgeries. It’s enough to keep you from going into major debt because of an accident, but it won’t pay for everyday doctor’s visits.

Most college students are healthy enough to get by without lots of health insurance coverage. They just need to pay for basic insurance that will ward off major medical debt due to unforeseen circumstances.

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