Why Working Moms Rule Today’s Economy
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For many years, the roles of parents in Western society was static.  Dads went out and earned a living, while mothers stayed at home and raised children.  Times have come along a long way since then. The women’s liberation movement has done a lot in the past few decades to level the playing field, but there has long been an underlying belief that at the end of the day, dad was still the primary breadwinner of the household.


Given the recent situation with the economy, however, these roles are starting to change.  In today’s economy there are many households all over the nation where these roles are reversed entirely.


With the downturn of the economy, it has been many of the primarily male industries that have seen the biggest losses in income and employment.  The Automobile industry, mining, manufacturing, and other male dominated fields have taken major hits.  The accompanying rise of the billion-dollar IT, media and internet industry has led to the rebirth of many households where working moms find themselves as the primary breadwinner in the household.


The growing number of female management and ownership positions has also led to a turning of the tables, and the number of stay at home dads has risen sharply in recent years as manual labor jobs such as those in the housing industry have sharply declined.  While much of this has been the result of a poor economy, it has no doubt set the stage for a permanent rethinking of the roles of each parent in the household.


In today’s economy, the survival of the household is dependent on the family making money in whatever way is possible.  With so many women in high paying managerial and IT jobs, it only makes sense for traditional roles to be reversed.  The best news to come from this economy for many is the newly changed notion that a woman’s primary role is within the walls of her own home.  Whether or not this change becomes permanent remains to be seen.

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