Wireless Internet – Popular Service Providers and Plans

In simple terms, the wireless internet allows devices to connect to the internet without the use of wires and cables. When a device has a wireless connection with a router, it can have access to all the resources and services associated with the internet without being connected by any wires. However, it is a prerequisite for the router to connect to the internet by a DSL or cable modem, for the connected devices to have access to the internet. Wi-Fi is thus, a networking protocol which eliminates the need for internet cords for devices to communicate. Here is an insight into some of the top service providers.


When compared to all other wireless internet service providers, Charter Spectrum gives blazing internet speed with attractive and affordable packages and plans. With a speed of 60mb per second, users can stream HD movies, play games online and most importantly connect multiple devices with any lag in the internet speed. Charter provides more bandwidth than other providers so more devices can connect to the network at a time.

Charter Spectrum plans and packages

  • Charter Spectrum Triple Play Select plan costs $29.99/month that allows access to the internet with 60mbps speed, more than 125 HD TV channels and unlimited phone calls.
  • Triple Play Select Silver delivers same services but provides access to more than 175 TV channels at $20 more per month for 12 months bundled together.
  • Triple Play Gold resembles the Triple Play Select plan except that it allows access to more than 200 HD TV channels at $20 more for 12 months.


Cox is another wireless internet service provider that delivers highly appreciated internet services and is one of the most popular service providers in the country. It has a wide range of plans crafted and tailored to suit the needs of all types of internet users. Whether the casual surfer or a severe one, they have a plan designed with all in mind.

The internet plans offered by Cox

  • The Internet Starter Plan with the download speed of 5 Mbps can be availed at $29.99/month.
  • The Internet Essential Plan that delivers a download speed of 15mbps at $39.99/ month
  • Internet Premier Plan has a considerably higher download speed of 150mbps at $69.99/month.
  • Internet Ultimate gives an enormous download speed of 300mbps at $89.99/month

Verizon Fios

To have access to the best speeds through a DSL line, there is no better option that Verizon high-speed Wi-Fi gateway router. For those eligible for Fios, the Fios gateway router can carry the speed to more places at home. One can also have the Wi-Fi extender to boost the internet speed and expand its coverage area and potential of a Fios Wi-Fi network.

Wireless internet plans from Verizon Fios

  • In triple plays one can have 150mbps internet ideal for eight devices to connect, set of TV channels as selected by the subscriber, unlimited calling all over the country at $79.99/month.
  • There is another plan that gives 150mbps internet, more than 280 TV channels including 95+ in HD and of course nationwide free calling all at just $94.99/month
  • For those looking for more speed from their internet connection, they can take up this plan which charges $119.99/month for 300mbps internet. The high-speed internet is accompanied by custom TV and unlimited calling all across the country.
  • For people who keep streaming over their television set, the best plan to take is this. It gives 150mbps internet and unlimited calling. But the most alluring thing it provides is the unlimited TV with more than 440 channels, of which more than 160 are in HD.
  • Moreover, Fios comes to the rescue of people who are stuck in a contract. It credits up to $500 to help people cover their early termination fee.


AT&T is a wireless internet service provider, delivering affordable and cheap wireless internet services to approximately 138.8 million subscribers in the United States. It is said to be the second largest wireless telecommunication service provider. AT&T gives a dependable Wi-Fi connection that is protected with anti-virus from every-end. Moreover, it allows users to access their free wireless internet network of more than 30000 Wi-Fi hotspots to avail all the internet services on the go.

Popular AT&T plans 

  • High-speed internet up to 10mbps at $30/month is a casual internet used plan that allows a user to use services such as basic email, web browsing, music downloads, video streaming and file sharing.
  • Next is the plan great for homes that have multiple devices. The plan is charged at $30/month and has same services as the above plan along with online gaming.
  • The $50/month plan allows user access to all services stated above and additionally, it allows internet at 75mbps and HD video streaming.

Most of the service providers deliver fast, reliable internet and good quality TV for a home network. It is advisable to thoroughly research and choose the services as per your requirement from the variety of plans available for a non-regretted and happy experience.

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