Your Dream Home: How to Find it and Buy it

A home is a great investment, but also a complicated and expensive purchase.  No matter where you may decide to live, you need to make sure that the home you find and purchase is suitable for your needs and lifestyle.  If you are going to make such an investment, the home that you choose to buy should be everything that you want, simply because it’ll be the largest purchase you’ll ever make.


Read on and you will find out just what you need to think about in order to find your dream house.


Know What You Want in a Dream Home


Before you ever begin searching, you need to know just what you want in a house, down to the tiniest detail.   Make a list if it helps you, and get all members of the family to give you feedback.  You should take a great deal of time when making this list of needs and wants. Start with the basics of what the home has to have.  For example, depending on the size of your family, you may need a certain amount of rooms.


Next, add to the list all of the things you want.  If this is to be your dream home, it should meet at least most of your ‘wants.’  In this list, make sure to go room by room and look for things that you want in each.  You may want a fireplace in the family room or a whirlpool in the bathroom.  Be sure to write this list and then revisit it later to look for anything you may have left out.


Begin the Search for Your Dream House


Once you know exactly what you want in the home, you will need to start searching.  Your search should begin broadly.  You’ll want to go through all of the listings available in the areas where you would want to live.  This will give you a good idea of the housing market and what is actually available.  Try your local realtor‘s office, as well as both print and online home listings in the Classifieds, plus less obvious sources such as your local Craigslist.


After you have done a broad search, you can begin using your ‘Wants and Needs’ list to narrow down to the perfect dream home.  You may be able to use online search tools that will let you look by some of your criteria.


Once you have narrowed down to a short list, you will be able to take the final step of viewing the homes in person. When you begin viewing homes, be sure to take your list with you.  This way, you can avoid being overwhelmed and you can make sure the home you choose will fit within your dream house boundaries.


Searching for your dream home can seem like an impossible task.  However, if you approach the search systematically, you can easily choose the right dream home for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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