3 Easy Ways to Perfectly Cook Your Breakfast Bacon

Making breakfast bacon can be an intimidating feat for the novice cook.  Cooking this breakfast staple often results in a nasty spattering mess, one that the average person wants to avoid.  If you’re tired of skipping this meaty delight for cereal or eating out at breakfast cafes every weekend, follow these steps to make perfect bacon every time.

1. Frying 

1) Place cold strips of bacon onto a cool pan so the pieces don’t touch each other. You do not need any oil.
2) Turn the heat to medium-low to medium.
3) Soon, the bacon will start to shrink and the fat will liquefy.
4) Keep a jar or bowl handy to pour the excess fat out. Flip the bacon occasionally.
5) Depending how crispy you like your bacon, cook from 5-10 minutes.
A few tips to remember when frying:


1) Don’t place bacon on a hot pan because it will shrink and splatter.
2) Don’t use high heat because the fat mixes with the evaporating water in the meat which can splatter and burn you.

3) If any of the above starts happening, place a spatter-guard or lid loosely on the pan.  Do not cover completely or your bacon will steam rather than fry, and end up a weird light pink color.


2. Oven Cooking

1) Place bacon strips on a flat baking sheet so they are barely touching.
2) Heat oven to 400 degrees. 
3) Wait 13-20 minutes depending on how crispy you like your bacon.
4) Place bacon on paper towels to drain excess fat.
Using an oven to cook bacon results in beautifully flat pieces. Use this method to impress your family and friends.


3. Microwave

1) Some electronics stores or kitchen stores sell bacon containers for microwaves.
2) If you don’t have one, place a paper towel on a large plate and line the bacon on the plate, the pieces barely touching each other. Place another paper towel over the top to prevent spattering and spitting.
3) Heat for 4-6 minutes depending on taste.
With microwaves, you need to have one that spins so the bacon cooks evenly.


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