5 Surprising Food Choices That Increase Your Circulation in Wintertime

When you’re looking to warm up in the winter, it is easy to turn to a calorie-laden cup of hot cocoa or a bowl of chicken soup. But if you are looking to really increase your body heat from the inside out, you might want to consider some slightly less conventional food choices.


Today, we will look at five foods that actually serve to increase blood circulation, providing you with extra warmth to last the whole day through.


Spicy Foods
Any food with hot spices is going to dilate the blood vessels.  This leads to not only the initial feeling of added warmth, but increased circulation throughout the day.  In addition, the spices found in some traditional spicy foods such as Indian cooking can provide excellent immune-system support. Turmeric is a great example, and literally illness-proofs you from the inside out.


In addition to tasting great, oranges are packed with vitamin C and bioflavonoids that help strengthen capillaries while boosting your body’s blood flow.  In winter choose juicy, peel-able Clementines for an easy-to-eat treat.


Add garlic to your meals to help your blood clot faster if you get injured, and to provide immune system support.  A healthy immune system will make it considerably easier to stay warm on even the coldest days.


Sesame Seeds
Believe it or not, when you want a great food for staying warm, you should consider sesame seeds.  They are easy to sprinkle into many dishes, provide a great-tasting crunch to salads, and are proven to provide the body with added heat after the digestion process.


Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are capable of helping to prevent plaque buildup in your arteries.  They provide long term benefits such as antioxidant protection, which helps you stay warm.


Staying inside isn’t always an option during cold winter months, and these simple food suggestions can help you keep warm when going outside is a necessity.

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