Best Types of Fish to Eat For Winter Health

If you are looking for an interesting addition to your menu this winter, you might consider adding some winter-caught fish.  Unlike seasonal food options like many fruits and vegetables, fish and meat does not really "go out of season."  Fish is available year round, but if eaten during the winter it provides some important health benefits that just might stop you from coming down with a cold this winter season. 


Salmon is popular throughout the year.  However, its hearty protein content and delicate flavor make it an excellent option for the winter.  You can enjoy salmon steaks at a fish restaurant while you’re out on the town, or serve up some Southern style breaded salmon patties at home this winter to keep your children warm and well-nourished.  You’ll find this choice has a relatively mild flavor, and will also help you stay healthier (avoid frying it if you’re worried about health).  For best results, season the fish to your preferences, then wrap in foil and bake in the oven until done.  The result will be a deliciously moist, fresh-tasting fish. Add butter to taste.


Striped Bass
You will find that striped bass is another popular winter option.  These fish are very meaty, and the recent resurgence in the population off the East Coast has allowed the fish to once more be on the menus of diners around the country.  If you are serving this fish at home, consider poaching it, braising it or grilling it.  The fish also pairs well with simple vegetable sides such as green beans and boiled red potatoes.


If you have never heard of this tasty fish, don’t feel left out.  It’s described as having a very rich, buttery flavor, and has a smooth texture.  You might be more familiar with this fish as white tuna, though the name is not particularly apt.  It is very tasty grilled, but this fish also works well in curry. Serve with wild long-grained rice and vegetables for a healthy and low-fat meal.

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