Breakfast Tips: Learn to Make Perfect Eggs Over Medium

Eggs are a powerhouse food.  Packed with healthy amino acids and low in fat, it’s no wonder athletes all over the world rave about this protein filled wonder in a shell.  And they’re cheap!  A twelve-pack at the supermarket will set you back less than $2 in most towns and cities in America.


With so many ways to prepare eggs, one of the simplest is one of the best.  Of all methods, over-medium eggs are my favorite because the texture compliments its taste.  The firm whites with runny yolk is perfect over bread or mixed with bacon and hash-browns. 




Step 1: Heat your pan to medium.  If it’s too hot, your eggs will burn on the bottom and be runny on top.  If it’s too low, the yolk will cook too firmly.

Step 2: Oil your pan lightly.  Some people use butter for a better taste.

Step 3: Crack on of your eggs with one swift, firm hit and slowly split the shell.  Make sure the egg is close to the pan; if it drops too far into the pan, the yolk can split.  You can crack the egg into a bowl and then transfer it into the pan if you prefer.

Step 4: Leave the egg alone.  You’ll be tempted to move it around or play with it, but don’t.  Let the heat work its magic.

Step 5: Wait until the egg whites become solid.  Try not to overcook the egg.  Right when the egg white stops becoming translucent is a good time to take the pan off the heat.

Step 6: Turn the stove off right away.

Step 7: Flip the egg GENTLY.  If you tilt the pan so that it meets your spatula on its way down, you can set the egg back in the pan easier without the yolk splitting.  Cook for an additional 15-20 seconds to seal the yolk.

Step 8: Salt to taste.  Place the eggs on a plate and serve!

You have just made perfect over-medium eggs.  It may take a little practice to avoid splitting the yolk on your eggs when flipping.  But, after a couple times, it will be second nature.  Enjoy!

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