Children’s Health: The Impact of Soda on Children’s Nutrition

Given their preference, most kids today will automatically reach for the soda. There are many reasons why children’s nutrition experts discourage soda consumption for kids.

One of the reasons why soda can be bad for children’s nutrition is that it is loaded with high amounts of sugar. A single serving of soda can contain far more sugar than is recommended in a daily allowance according to children’s nutrition guidelines. In addition, soda is often high in other unhealthy elements, including caffeine. Even soda drinks that are caffeine free can still be unhealthy because sodas also frequently contain dyes, which can cause behavior problems in children.

In addition, when children drink too much soda they usually do not drink enough water.  Water is essential for the health of children. When a child does not drink enough water, they are more prone to being obese and are also more likely to become dehydrated.  Dehydration can become serious enough to require hospitalization.

Paying attention to children’s nutrition is imperative to ensure your children have the nutrients they need to remain healthy and grow strong. Avoiding sugary, caffeinated soda can help you to accomplish that.

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