Children’s Health: Why Kids Shouldn’t Eat Trans Fats

Trans fats are now considered to be one of the leading causes for obesity in America. Trans fats can be found in many fried foods and fast foods; which make children particularly susceptible to them. 

Children who eat large amounts of trans fats may be at a much higher risk for heart disease later in life than children who do not. In fact, studies indicate that the risk for heart disease doubles for every 2% increase in trans fat related calories consumed. In addition, children who consume large amounts of trans fats are also at risk for developing high cholesterol. When kids eat too much trans fats, their good cholesterol levels or HDL levels are also lowered.

The risk of diabetes is also increased in children who consume high levels of trans fats, particularly in terms of Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes develops when a child’s body is not able to produce a sufficient amount of insulin. Diabetes can also lead to numerous other health conditions in children, including kidney and vision problems.

Overall, it is much better for your children’s health to avoid trans fats altogether. This can be done by limiting fried food and fast food intake.

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