Choosing a Great Thanksgiving Dessert Wine

While finding the right wine to pair with your turkey and other dishes at Thanksgiving is important, it is equally important that you find the right dessert wine.  This can be difficult – what wine pairs with Thanksgiving desserts like pumpkin pie?  Actually, there are several vintages that can be paired with Thanksgiving desserts to great effect.  Here are a few recommendations….


Lustau East India Solera Sherry 2004


While sherry might not be the most common type of wine out there, it is renowned for its ability to pair well with desserts.  In addition, this bottle of wine, which sells for about twenty-two dollars, has lots of sweet spice to match that pumpkin pie that you will be matching it with.


Domaine Fontanel Rivesaltes Ambre 1998


Retailing for about twenty-four dollars per bottle, this wine has been deliberately semi-oxidized.  It offers almost the same nutty, spicy flavors as a sherry, but has a distinct taste all its own.  If you’re searching for a good dessert wine for Thanksgiving, this is it!


Tokaji Furmint Dry 2005


With a price tag of just thirteen dollars, this wine is a bit less expensive than some others on the market.  However, it offers citrus notes, apple flavors and even a hint of roses.  This exotic wine is actually bottled in Hungary, and can really add a little something to your Thanksgiving celebration.


As you can see, there are numerous options available for your Thanksgiving celebration if you are looking for a great dessert wine.  Try any of these three and you’ll be sure to find something delightful.

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