Find Out The Best Restaurants Near You To Have a Cheat Meal

Who does not like a cheat day? Especially when you diligently follow a strict diet on most days of the year. We are always looking for reasons to have a cheat day to gorge on that delicious meal we have only be relishing with our eyes. Today, 6th may, is the 26th year of celebrating the International No Diet Day since its inception in 1992. It is a day to celebrate the acceptance of bodily issues, including fat acceptance and the diversity of body shapes. Beauty must not be constrained to fair complexions and zero-size figures; real beauty lies within. The International No Diet Day must be celebrated with some lip-smacking dishes, and here are some restaurants that are ideal for your cheat meals.

Starting your cheat day with a mountain of banana pancakes, loaded with some berries and topped with honey definitely seems the best way to start your cheat day. Here are some breakfast restaurants for you.

Denny’s, California
Is it really a cheat day if you aren’t starting it with scrumptious breakfast at Denny’s? They have the most varied options to serve your taste buds and quench that cheat meal thirst. Their outlets can be found at multiple locations. Starting from skillet entrees all the way to classic combinations, this 60-year old breakfast chain has it all. If you are there, do not forget to try the Moon’s Over My Hammy and the All-American Slam!

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, Tennessee
Founded in 1958, this is another glittery option on the list of breakfast restaurants for your cheat meal. Their menu is loaded with “over the top” items that should fit right into your cheat day meal itinerary. With their outlets spreading all the way to Canada, it should be surprisingly easy for you to enjoy a meal at this family franchise.

Steak for lunch? Of course! Looking for a great place that rives you up with the best tenderloin steak in the country? Here are two that could be ideal for your cheat meal lunch.

Porter House Bar and Grill, New York
If you find yourself to be in the beef-eating city, Porter House Bar and Grill is by far the only place you can devour that scrumptious steak. With everything set aside, this steakhouse is home to opulent dishes, A-grade service, sparkling wines, and the perfect beef-cuts. If you are looking to make that cheat day special, grab one of the tables by the window and set your cutlery on the double-cut côte de boeuf.

Sparks Steak House, New York
The signature prime sirloin served by this steakhouse is just the best single cut beef in the entire city, but that’s just our humble opinion. A goblet of red wine along with the impressive cut of beef will add an aesthetic beauty to your cheat day meals.

Just to slip it in, cheeseburgers are one of the highest-rated meal ideas for cheat meals according to most people following a diet. Yes, two restaurants with the best cheeseburgers follow ahead.

Emily, Brooklyn
Nothing else in the entire country comes close to the Emmy Burger when we talk about cheat meals. The burger is a devilish combination of dry-aged beef, melted cheddar, onions, “Emmy Sauce”, and a satisfying warm bun. You might have to take a little extra effort if this outstanding meal has to be a part of your cheat meal, as it usually gets sold out by noon.

Shake Shack, Florida
This might look like one of your regular fast food joints, but for what it’s worth, the Shake Shack burger has just the perfect amount of everything. A thin patty blending into the melted cheese with some crispy edges, a toasted potato bun and some fresh tomatoes and lettuce, just about the perfect cheat meal.

The above restaurants should leave you with just the right amount of options so that you do not waste much time making decisions this International No Diet Day. Just hit one of these top restaurants and devour that cheat meal.

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