Foods That Leave You Feeling Full Even After Mealtime

It’s a problem many of us have. We eat a meal, and then shortly after, our bellies seem to be telling us that we need to eat again. Having recipes that use filling ingredients can help curb this problem, and keep you feeling full throughout the day.

For starters, it’s very important to eat breakfast. Oatmeal recipes can provide you with a delicious and filling meal to fuel you for the rest of the day. This is because fiber digests slowly, and therefore leaves you feeling full for longer. Be on the lookout for recipes and cereals that can take fiber to the next level.

Recipes containing almonds will also keep you full. Contained inside of these tiny nutty delights are monounsaturated fatty acids that keep you from getting hungry.

Like guacamole? Good! Recipes that call for avocados are nutritious and will keep you full. Like almonds, they do contain a lot of calories, but they’re good calories (the fats in them aren’t saturated, which means they’re good for your body).

Here’s the best way to eat an avocado – chill a ripe (soft but not squishy) avocado in the fridge overnight, then have it for breakfast. Slice it in half with a sharp knife, remove the pit, then remove the tough skin by laying each half flat on a cutting board and slicing away the skin in thin strips with the tip of a knife (don’t push too hard with the knife or you’ll chop up the fruit, too). When you’re done, cut the avocado into chunks, squeeze a fresh lime over the top (try it) and enjoy! The buttery flavor and texture is incredibly satisfying, and will keep the hunger pangs away all morning.

If you’re not one of the few people who are allergic, look for recipes that call for peanut butter! You can snack on the nuts or include them in your recipes.

Do you like fish? Try salmon. You can grill it or bake it, and it will leave you feeling full. Plus, salmon contains lots of vitamin D!

You have found your recipes, and now you’re ready to cook! Also, be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day. A cold glass of water will keep you feeling fuller much longer, and is essential to your overall health.

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