Fusion Food Unites Flavors From Around the World

Unless you have not left the house in a couple of years, you have probably noticed the growth of different fusion food restaurants in your town or city.  Fusion food is actually more than just a trendy cuisine – it’s here to stay.  


Fusion dishes combine the best of two very different worlds, creating unique textures and flavors that offer tremendous enjoyment.


One of the best examples (and most widespread) forms of fusion food is Tex-Mex cuisine.  This food brings together the foods of Mexico and Texas, and, while they are not terribly divergent, offers a fresher alternative to both.  For instance, the common burrito is actually a fusion of Mexican and Texas heritage.


There are many other examples of fusion food to be found, as well.  For instance, Indian cuisine is frequently being combined with the foods of other cultures.  In the UK, you can enjoy “curry fries” and in the US, you can find restaurants that offer Indian sushi, which combines Indian and Japanese flavors.


Fusion food is a delightful way to enjoy the flavors of another culture in a form that is familiar to you.  For instance, some restaurants have started serving fusion food like roast beef garnished with wasabi (Japanese relish).  Another popular option is to combine Cuban foods, with a heavy tropical overtone, with Vietnamese noodle based dishes for some extremely tasty results.


Fusion cuisine is certainly here to stay, and you can also find some delightful alternatives to traditional dishes here.

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