Have You Checked Out These Famous Sushi Places In The USA

You don’t need an excuse to visit a sushi joint; however, if you’re stilling look for one, then International Sushi Day, which is celebrated on the 18th of June every year, might be the perfect time to visit an authentic sushi place in your city.
International Sushi Day was first celebrated in 2009 to acquaint and encourage the world to indulge in the droolworthy Japanese delicacy.

There is something about sushi that makes it so irresistible. Maybe it is the way a sushi roll is effortlessly rolled by sushi chefs who have spent years mastering the art, or the succulent raw salmon that melts in your mouth, or simply the strong whiff of the wasabi that hits your nostrils and clears your sinuses that makes sushi everyone’s favorite. Read on if you wish to know about the top three sushi restaurants that you can check out this sushi International Sushi Day.

Hamasaku, Los Angeles
There might be many sushi restaurants in the busy city of Los Angeles, but what these restaurants don’t have is Yoya Takahashi. Yoya Takahashi is the executive sushi chef in Hamasaku, who has been making sushi for over 40 years. He believes that sushi chefs are no less than stage actors who create dozens of different varieties of sushi right in from of their customers every single day. Although the restaurant is situated down an ordinary strip mall, the sushi here is so good that even Hollywood celebrities, the ones who are die-hard sushi fans, don’t mind coming here to have sushi.
A must try here is the quirky sushi roll section that is inspired by Hollywood, with names like Twilight, DJ Spider, Christina Aguilera’s Green Dragon and so on. Don’t forget to ask for their seasonal specials that keep changing daily on the basis of the seasonal ingredients that go in the making. You can also make your own sushi here and have some of the weirdest sushi combinations that hardly any other restaurants will offer.

Sushi Nakazawa, New York City
The head sushi chef here is Daisuke Nakazawa, who has learned the art of making sushi from none other than the world-famous Jiro Ono of the Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant. The best thing to order here is omakase, where you let the sushi chef decide your meal.
Sushi Nakazawa’s omakase consists of 20 courses. Yes, you heard it right. Some common dishes that you get to see in the omakase menu are Hay-Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Soy Marinated King Salmon, Scallop, Spanish Mackerel, Toro Hand Roll, Egg Custard, and Lean and Fat Tuna.
The restaurant’s omakase menu changes daily, depending on which fresh fishes are picked by the fishermen.

Sushi Inoue, New York City
Sushi Inoue is in the heart of Harlem, and is the first restaurant in the neighborhood to get a Michelin star for its exquisite Japanese cuisines and commendable dining experience. The best thing about this place is that it only sells traditional Japanese-style sushi, which means that you can’t order for a California roll here.
Sushi Inoue, like most top sushi restaurants in the city, serves food in the omakase style, where the sushi and sashimi menu change every single day. Shinichi Inoue, head chef of Sushi Inoue takes pride in being one of the only sushi chefs in the country who has an experience of working as a sushi chef for 20 long years in Japan. He strongly believes that how good a sushi is does not depend on just the fish or the other ingredients used, it depends on the man who makes the sushi. According to him, it is his and the other top sushi chefs’ in the country’s responsibility to give the customers here a taste of the traditional sushi experience.

The above-listed restaurants tell us that a good sushi eating experience depends on many factors other than the selection of rice and raw fish. It is the technique used to make, use fresh seasonal ingredients, the chef’s personal style and the ambiance of the sushi joint that matters.
So, which sushi place are you going to dine at, this International World Sushi Day?

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