Healthy Options When Dining Out On a Diet

If you are on a diet, you’ll know that dining out can be notoriously difficult.  Sure, you can always have a salad, but when you go to a nice restaurant with your friends, you don’t want to spend an hour munching on lettuce leaves as they all tuck into steak and give you pitying sidelong glances. Here are a few ways to stick to your diet while still enjoying the experience of dining out.

One thing that you can always do is ask your server what healthy options are on offer.  Most restaurants these days offer a wide range of healthy menu options for people dining out on a diet or for those who are vegetarian or even vegan.  Consider salmon and other fish, ask about light dressing and condiment options, and consider even more traditional dishes with low fat condiments and additions.  Even saying “hold the cheese” can help make many options much more diet friendly when you are dining out.

If dining out is a rare occasion for you, keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to a set calorie plan for that meal.  Your body is a remarkably forgiving machine and if you trim calories from the rest of your day, you can be more relaxed about what you order. 


For instance, eat a lighter breakfast or lunch in order to leave room in your diet for a favorite entrée, and skip dinner that night in favor of a bowl of cereal or a big healthy salad or plate a steamed veggies with brown rice.  Forgo the wine or beer and sip on a fruit juice or virgin cocktail – alcohol adds a whopping calorie punch to the meal.  And consider sharing a dessert with your spouse or a friend. 


There are actually a surprising number of ways that you can enjoy all the fun of dining out without having to opt for a salad or spending the next three days at the gym

Diets are about losing weight in a healthy way, but they don’t mean you can never enjoy food again.  With the right choices, dining out can still be a very enjoyable experience.

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