How Fruit Helps Your Body Heal Itself

Fruit is the perfect non-guilty pleasure because it won’t sabotage your diet, yet fruit is as sweet as any dessert. As a vital part of your nutrition, a few servings of fruit everyday ensures that you’re getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Whether you prefer mangoes, cherries, or apples, you receive a delicious dose of low-fat fiber with every serving. So how does fruit help to keep you healthy?

Cholesterol is a major problem for many Americans, but a diet with fruit helps to counteract high cholesterol, thanks to the fiber content. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away. Non-soluble fiber helps to bulk up waste products in your body so they pass through your digestive tract quickly and cleanly. People with diets low in fiber commonly suffer from a wide range of intestinal problems, and a long-term fiber-poor diet can even cause colon cancer.


Controlling your blood pressure is important, and including fruits in your diet can go a long way in helping to keep your blood pressure in check. Why? The secret is in the potassium. You know that bananas are rich in potassium, but so are cantaloupes and some dried fruits like apricots and peaches. Potassium is vital for every diet, but certain prescriptions can increase your potassium level; be sure to check with your pharmacist if you have concerns.

If you’ve got a diet that includes lots of fruits, chances are, you’ll also have a healthy smile. The key is the Vitamin C that is particularly high in many fruit sources. This vitamin keeps your gums healthy and helps your body to repair itself. By including just a half cup of strawberries in your diet every day, you’ll get 50 mg of immune-boosting Vitamin C and be on your way to a healthier body.


Although organic fruits are pricier, they come without the harmful pesticides, so buy organic when possible. You can get organic fruit at many supermarkets today, but to save time, head straight for your local health food store.

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